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Introduction to Pingsze Precious Metals Recycling Company
Company description
Company description
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Our company specializes in recycling precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum, rhodium, iridium, ruthenium, germanium, indium, niobium, tantalum) and other related metal waste. We have deep expertise in the field of precious metals, with rich experience and exquisite technology. Our services include bulk recycling of electronic chips, communication equipment, semiconductor integrated circuits, mobile phone IC wafers, and precious metal waste. Our company offers high prices for recycling and excellent service。

Recovered sample display

Alloy sample
Iridium-ruthenium alloy, palladium-platinum-rhodium alloy, Pd-Cu alloy, Au-Pd dental alloy
Catalyst sample
For example, palladium on carbon catalyst, ruthenium-zinc catalyst, platinum catalyst
Compound sample
Palladium chloride, platinum dioxide, iridium trichloride, ruthenium oxide and other compound powders and solutions
Precious metal scrap samples
Waste palladium - platinum-iridium - ruthenium catalyst, crucible, drip plate, precious metal plating net material

Recovery process

Precious metal recovery process

①Advisory recovery

Discuss the categories, weight, and location of precious metal waste, estimate its recycling value, and reach a mutual intention to cooperate.

②Sample detection

Obtain samples uniformly, express the samples to us for testing the precious metal content, determine their total value as well as processing costs.

③Delivery metal

Customers send precious metal materials to our company's outlets. We will count, inspect, register their information, and issue a warehousing receipt to the customer.

④Settlement loan

After you have delivered the precious metal waste, we can transfer the payment to the customer's account on the same day. With that, a pleasant transaction comes to an end.

Service purpose

Integrity is the cornerstone of our corporate culture. We believe that lasting success can only be achieved on the basis of honesty. Adhere to the principles of honesty, reliability, respect and fairness.

Global business

All over China, Russia, not Vietnam...

Strong strength

The company has been engaged in the precious metal recycling industry for over a decade, boasting considerable strength.

Rich in experience

From recycling to refining, trading, experienced, efficient recycling.

Highly skilled

The company's technical staff have been in the industry for a long time and possess exquisite refining skills.

Price advantage

A high-value, efficient recycling plan is your best partner for asset appreciation.

Honesty and transparency

The company has a reputation for integrity, transparent transaction processes, and is the best partner for cooperation.

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Recycling information

Iridium, palladium, rhodium, platinum, ruthenium and other precious metals recycling, is committed to the recovery and regeneration of precious metals

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